Lori Butterfield

Guilmette Elementary School, Lawrence, Massachusetts

The leadership and training provided through the National Center on Time & Learning have been transformational. It can be said with 100% confidence, that the Guilmette Elementary School’s recent successes have everything to do with our partnership with the National Center on Time & Learning.

The year-long planning process that our school engaged in two years ago was the catalyst for real school change. What resulted from this year of planning was a school redesign inclusive of expanded time, high-quality instruction, targeted supports, highly engaging enrichment for students, and added time for teacher collaboration and professional development. The result from year 1 of implementation was a level of student achievement never attained before in this school.

The leadership, trainings, coaching, and support structures provided through NCTL are the real deal. NCTL doesn’t just talk about improving schools – what sets them apart is their knowledge of how to do it and their ability to teach others how to do it. 

Mark Benigni

Meriden Public Schools, Connecticut

With technical support from the National Center on Time & Learning, Meriden has created expanded learning time schools where students participate in engaging hands-on and technology-based course offerings. We know ELT works – and we are thankful to our terrific partners, NCTL for helping us re-engineer our school day to meet the needs of our students, staff, and community.  Together, we are building schools where students and staff want to be.

Linda K Barker

Director of Teaching and Learning
Colorado Education Association

The Colorado Education Association (CEA) has worked collaboratively with NCTL for the past four years.  This partnership continues to expand because of NCTL’s intentional focus on maximizing time in a real common sense approach.

From regional meetings, presentations at our summer conference, to visiting partner schools, NCTL’s impact is evident as school teams align their instructional goals with specific time-optimization strategies that make a difference for student learning and teacher practice. Having an NCTL consultant work side-by-side with our school teams helps build action plans around instructional goals that involves the entire school community.

CEA is fortunate to have a valuable and constructive relationship with NCTL, and looks forward to continuing our work together.

Joan Murray, 5th Grade Teacher

Lori Bobinsky, Teacher Leader, Data/Literacy Specialist
Selene Becker, 3rd Grade Teacher
Kristen Fox, 2nd Grade Teacher
Reiche Elementary School – Teacher Led
Portland, ME

NCTL is the answer to our dreams. They offer the tools to help us recognize how to use our time more efficiently. During our training sessions NCTL has relevant, and thought-provoking videos and the staff introduces practical applications, which they model during the workshop. The staff is always prepared and professional and they have their finger on the pulse of the most current research. NCTL is the complete package.

Jeff Riley

Lawrence Public Schools, Massachusetts

As we began our district turn around, NCTL was a critical partner in leading 19 of our schools through a planning process for expanding their school schedules. Their sessions and coaching made it possible for all of our K-8 schools to increase learning time in a strategic and thoughtful way. NCTL’s ongoing support has ensured that our school leaders and teachers continue to think about how to leverage all of their school time for high-quality instruction, individualized supports, and teacher collaboration.