School Profiles

Brooklyn Generation Brooklyn, NY
In an effort to ensure sustainability, many expanded-time schools have pursued strategic staffing approaches to lengthen the school day or year without significantly increasing costs. Read about how Brooklyn Generation implemented a staggered teacher schedule to expand the school year for ALL students.

Longsjo Middle School Fitchburg, MA
How to use a variety of software programs to diagnose, track, and provide individualized ELA and math interventions. 

Clarence Edwards Middle School Boston, MA
Many of the students who enroll at expanded time schools are behind in core academic subjects. Read about how the Edwards Middle School uses more time to develop a rigorous core curriculum and supplements it with a tiered academic support program called Academic Leagues.

An Achievable Dream High School Newport News, VA
Expanded-time high schools are intentional in preparing their students for college and career. Read about how An Achievable Dream partner with local businesses to create a curriculum that teaches the skills their students need in the workplace.

Aspire Port City Academy Stockton, CA
Analyzing and responding to data requires a lot of time. Read about how the expanded school day at Aspire Port City allows teachers more time to analyze student data to ensure that the additional time they have with students is well-used.

Frank M. Silvia Elementary School Fall River, MA
Since adopting expanded time, Silvia has retained 100% of its teachers. Read about the school schedules time for prep, collaboration, and professional development to improve teacher effectiveness as well as morale.

Clarence Edwards Middle School Boston, MA
More time allows schools to deliver the supports individual students need, but for some students the expanded day is not enough. Read about how the Edwards Middle School uses vacation weeks in February and April to support struggling students, in addition to the expanded day schedule.

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