Why Expand Learning Time?

A child born into a low-income family has only a 9% chance of getting a college degree but the odds are 54% for a child in a high-income family.* 

America’s schools are not meeting the needs of ALL children. Across the United States, children, especially from low-income communities, lack the crucial resources and opportunities—inside and outside of schools—they need if they are to reach their potential in college and careers. Too many children are already behind before they even enter a classroom and then struggle to catch up.

Children living in poverty face a growing educational and opportunity gap:

  • By 4th grade, children living in poverty are 31 percentage points below their more affluent peers in reading proficiency.* 
  • Families in the top income quartile spend 9 times more on educational opportunities outside the school day than families in the bottom income quartile.* 

Key Strategy: Redesign and Expand Learning Time

It’s time to change the way we think about the school day. Redesigning and significantly expanding the school day can give students nearly two additional years of learning time. When done well,  expanding learning time raises achievement, enriches education and empowers teachers: 

Raise Achievement Enrich Education Empower Teachers