More Time for Engaged Students

Expanded learning time offers additional opportunities for subjects like art, music, and physical education that ensure a well-rounded education and help improve students’ well-being and engagement in school.

Did you know?

Students who study art are 3x more likely to earn a bachelor's degree.

Teachers and administrators agree that, especially for students who struggle in reading and math, the addition of art, music, and physical education improves the educational experience and can lead to greater academic achievement.

  • Since No Child Left Behind was enacted a decade ago, students now spend, on average, almost an hour less per week in art and music.
  • Participation in art classes in school leads to more student enthusiasm for learning and more creative thinking.
  • Even just 20 minutes of recess is proven to help students focus in class and perform at higher levels.
  • Students who study music 50 minutes per day outperform their peers on math tests.
  • Students who had arts-rich experiences in high school showed higher overall GPAs than students who lacked those experiences.
  • Students who had intensive arts experiences in high school were three times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than students who lacked those experiences.