Expanded Learning Time Momentum Continues in the Commonwealth

Over 65,000 students are now in 132 expanded-time schools across 29 communities in Massachusetts. Once a reform in just a few schools in the Commonwealth, expanding learning time has now become a proven strategy in both district and charter schools. The state's schools join over 1,500 schools across the country that have expanded their school calendars with more and better learning time.

In Massachusetts, this growth means that schools expanding learning time through the Massachusetts Expanded Learning (ELT) Initiative now have more opportunities to collaborate with other expanded-time schools across the state. Last month, Massachusetts 2020 hosted our second leadership session of the 2013-2014 school year for MA ELT Initiative schools. This all-day coaching session included two break-out sessions led by teams from expanded-time schools outside the ELT Initiative: leaders from Boston Collegiate Charter School discussed how they leverage their expanded-time schedule to implement the Common Core while leaders from Guilmette Elementary in Lawrence shared their approach to community partnerships.
Collaborations between expanded-time schools of all models are at the heart of our work. We look forward to continuing to the conversations in the months to come.