Common Core Implementation is Much More Than Testing

Last week Bam! Radio hosted a discussion on our new Common Core report that suggests Common Core implementation works best with extra time and support for students.  Patrick Riccards, Darren Burris, Jen Rinehart, and NCTL’s Jennifer Davis weighed in on what the Common Core State Standards mean for student learning.

Jennifer Davis, NCTL Co-founder & President said, “There has been tremendous momentum to create a new school design that enables deeper learning activities…we really need to step back as a society, as a country, and rethink what our school design should be and to incorporate a broad array of engaging learning opportunities throughout the day to ensure students are both closing the achievement and opportunity gaps.”

“Kids really need more learning opportunities that extend beyond the traditional school day and these kinds of programs [NCTL and The Afterschool Alliance] are helping kids succeed under Common Core,” said Jen Rinehart of The Afterschool Alliance.

The podcast participants discussed the need for the conversation about the Common Core to move beyond the politics and controversy to how best to support teachers and students through the implementation. The podcast panelists highlighted the need for schools to focus on the broader skills that every child needs to build and have access to throughout the course of their educational experience.  

Take 12 minutes out of your day to listen to the full podcast.