Back to School Thoughts from ELT Leaders

This is a guest post by NCTL's Manager of the Massachusetts Expanded Learning Time Initiative, Emily Raine.    

As they head back to school, we've been asking veteran ELT principals to reflect on their proudest accomplishments last year and what they look forward to doing even better this year, as they seek to strengthen implementation of expanded learning time. We've also asked new ELT principals what they are most looking forward to. Some of their responses:
"I am most excited to lead an ELT school this year because it's an opportunity to dramatically alter the trajectory of students' lives by building foundational academic skills while providing them with a rich, well-rounded curriculum."  ~David Liebowitz, (New) Principal, Browne Middle School, Chelsea
"We are excited about providing additional time for students to engage in lessons reinforcing performance tasks and critical thinking, which is particularly important as we transition to the Common Core Standards.  Because of our expanded-time schedule, all students will be able to focus on developing grade-appropriate skills to engage with complex text, extract and employ evidence through clear writing, and build a knowledge-base for working with technology applications during a designated block." ~Craig Chalifoux, (Veteran) Principal, Longsjo Middle School, Fitchburg
 "I am most excited to lead an ELT school this year because there are so many opportunities embedded within the school day for collaboration, growth, and innovation.  As I begin my first year as an ELT principal, I am most eager to learn how other schools encourage and support teacher leadership as well as how they incorporate enrichment opportunities."  ~Danielle Mokaba, (New) Principal, Garfield Middle School, Revere