MA Governor Signs FY14 Budget – ELT Level-Funded at $14.1 million

On Friday, Massachusetts Governor Patrick signed the state’s fiscal year 2014 budget, which includes $14.1 million for the Expanded Learning Time Initiative (ELT). By level funding the ELT Initiative, state leaders are affirming the pioneering work of the state’s ELT Schools. Over the past seven years, district leaders and educators in expanded-time schools across the Commonwealth have demonstrated that more time, when implemented effectively, can catalyze school and student improvement and narrow the achievement and opportunity gaps that exist for students in low-income communities. 
Today, the Massachusetts ELT Initiative serves as a national model for states and districts looking to move beyond the traditional school calendar and provide more high-quality learning time for students. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Patrick, Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Murray and their colleagues in the Legislature, and Commissioner Mitchell Chester, Massachusetts continues to lead the way in investing in education innovations that are showing results for students.