Strengthen Instruction

As with any profession, teachers need to constantly build and refine their craft. Unfortunately, the typical school schedule rarely affords the time necessary for teachers to learn and practice new instructional strategies. To build and maintain a cadre of highly effective teachers, schools can use an expanded schedule to provide more time for professional development and teacher collaboration. Teachers at successful expanded-time schools, for instance, spend substantial amounts of time working with administrators, instructional coaches, and colleagues to engage in thoughtful lesson-planning that takes into consideration student needs, effective teaching practices, and clear objectives for student learning. By providing more time for teacher development, teachers are better prepared to meet the needs of all students.

Promising Practice 7

In this chapter of Time Well Spent, read about how successful, expanded-time schools use time to continuously strengthen instruction.
Jacob Hiatt Magnet School, Worcester, MA

More time for teacher collaboration can help break down the walls and silos of isolation. Read about how Jacob Hiatt schedules time to foster a culture of continuous improvement by allowing teachers to meet, observe, and provide feedback to their peers.
Amistad Academy Middle School, New Haven, CT

Just like their students, teachers at expanded time schools need individual support from time to time. Read about how Amistad Academy devotes time each week for teachers to meet with coaches, and time in the summer for in-depth professional development.
North Star Academy, Newark, NJ

Successful expanded time schools don’t always hire the best teachers, but they work relentlessly to support and develop them. Read about how North Star Academy’s coaches and instructional leaders work with teachers to ensure that their students receive the strong instruction they deserve.