Classroom Time Analysis Tool

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The CTAT is a web-based observation tool that helps individual teachers understand how they are using time in their classrooms, and helps schools identify and capture effective time management strategies across classrooms. Schools typically use it as a self or peer observation tool and to supplement existing school or district classroom walkthrough protocols. The tool is meant for one-on-one use between the observer and the teacher. We recommend that you read and/or print the User's Guide before using the tool.

The CTAT looks at use of classroom time through four broad categories: Teacher-led Time, Student Work Time, Assessment of Student Learning, and Transitions which are further defined by subcategories. Using the CTAT will help teachers calibrate their actual use of time in the classroom against their lesson plans and to set goals around minimizing transitions and maximizing teacher-led time, student work time, and assessment of student learning. Click here to begin using this tool
If you have questions about the CTAT, please email us at [email protected].