Race to the Top Recommendation

This post originally appeared on the Time to Succeed homepage

Earlier today, the National Center on Time & Learning (NCTL) submitted a very detailed comment on the Department of Education website urging the Department to incorporate expanded learning time in the upcoming round of Race to the Top, which is focused on individual school districts as opposed to states.
The Race to the Top District program is a competitive grant program designed to spur innovation in creating student-centered learning environments that are designed to improve teaching and learning through personalization, support for teachers, and students aligned to college and career-ready curriculum; increase the effectiveness of educators and expand access to the most effective educators; decrease the achievement gap; and increase the rate at which students graduate prepared for college and careers.
High-quality expanded learning time (ELT) schools are closing the achievement gap and raising performance for high-needs students across the country, providing important models worthy of replication.  NCTL believes that high-quality ELT schools are uniquely well-suited to accomplish each of the goals of this round of Race to the Top.
I ask that you visit the Department of Education website and “like” our recommendation. A strong show of support will guarantee that expanded learning time will be seriously considered for inclusion in this round of Race to the Top.