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Web-based Tool
A few minutes here and there each day add up. If your school schedules 30 minutes for transitions daily, that totals nearly three weeks of school each year. How is time allocated in your schedule? Use this tool to find out, and spark some interesting conversations with your staff.

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An Achievable Dream High School Newport News, VA
Expanded-time high schools are intentional in preparing their students for college and career. Read about how An Achievable Dream partner with local businesses to create a curriculum that teaches the skills their students need in the workplace.

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Jacob Hiatt Magnet School Worcester, MA
Dedicated time for teacher collaboration enables teachers to constantly learn from each other and strengthen instruction. See how Jacob Hiatt teachers use instructional rounds to create a culture of continuous improvement focused on classroom observations and feedback.

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Orchard Gardens K - 8 Pilot School Boston, MA
For years, Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School was plagued by low student achievement and high staff turnover. Today, the school is demonstrating how increased learning time, combined with other key strategies, can dramatically improve the performance of even the nation’s most troubled schools.
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Expanded Time Schools
Time Well Spent reshapes the field for expanded-time schools by outlining specific practices that can lead to dramatic increases in student achievement and preparation for success in college and the workforce.

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