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UP Academy Boston, MA
See how UP Academy Boston gives time for teachers to collaborate on lesson planning.

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Case Study
For years, Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School was plagued by low student achievement and high staff turnover. Then, in 2010, with an expanded school schedule made possible with federal funding, Orchard Gardens began a remarkable turnaround.
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Time for Teachers examines 17 high-performing and fast-improving schools around the country that have taken advantage of expanded school schedules to provide students with more time for engaging academic and enrichment classes and teachers with more time to collaborate.
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Financing Expanded Learning Time in Schools presents an in-depth look at how five district expanded-time schools leverage federal, state and local funding to fund the additional time.
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Web-based Tool
A few minutes here and there each day add up. If your school schedules 30 minutes for transitions daily, that totals nearly three weeks of school each year. How is time allocated in your schedule? Use this tool to find out, and spark some interesting conversations with your staff.

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